About Us

Groove High on Life, a dance and fitness studio, to party and get into shape. Our motto is to sweat you out... out of your stress... bring into you... fun, fitness and happiness. Our ground rule, you don't know a move, just shake it till you make it. This makes fitness a lot easier and enjoyable.

We have classes on Zumba, Salsa, Cardio, we use a mix of western and Bollywood music, with tunes from Bhangra. Sessions are held in mornings and evenings. People of all ages can join us and gain fitness, special classes for kids on Sundays.



Lupamudra Borgohain 'Leo' our CEO cum founder, is a certified Zumba Trainer with certification on Zumba Basic, Zumba Gold, Zumba Aqua and Zumba Kids. She is also a certified Nutritionist from AFAA. She is highly energetic and passionate about the dance, and humorous which makes fitness a great fun with her. Her life has been a wonderful experience and an inspiration in itself. Has worked as Zumba Instructor in Vodafone and Gold Gym.